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All about Karini

Kariṇī (करिणी) 

(kaa-ri-ni) noun


Bv.1.2. आरोप्य करिणीं हृष्टःस्तू- यमानोऽविशत् पुरम् (āropya kariṇīṃ hṛṣṭaḥstū- yamāno'viśat puram) in Bhāgavad Gita 

Roughly translates to 'having mounted the elephant he entered the city rejoicing and being praised'

'Kariṇī' in Sanskrit means a female elephant. My spirit animal is an Elephant, and I am in awe of elephants. As a psychologist, being attuned to others' and my emotional expressions is one of the integral facets of my profession. Being alert and having a good memory is an absolute must. Well, elephants are just a giant representation of some of these qualities. They're one of the most zestful and expressive creatures. "Elephants don't forget" is just a cherry on top of the cake to why I love these flap-eared tuskers. And that's the story behind Karini's logo.


Karini.Co is a visual platform of traditional and digital illustrations that aims to deliver artwork to the doorstep.

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