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Hey there!

I am Ashwini, a Psychologist by profession and an aspiring artist in the making. I have worked with human beings, their emotions, minds and behaviours for a while. Every time I speak to a new client, I see a new realm in my learning and reality. I have been a curious individual since childhood with a strong tendency to visualise all the stories narrated to me. I founded Karini in 2021 for this very reason. To showcase my alternate imaginative world in an attempt to illustrate stigmatised mental health issues with fewer words and more visualisations. 


(therap - artist) noun


A psychological therapist is a mental health professional with extensive training and is clinically skilled in psychological evaluations. Therapists also use talk therapy to help facilitate healthy ways to cope better with life stressors and mental health conditions. 

Therapartist is an artist who illustrates life events from the lenses of the therapist through visual art forms.

Psst.. no, psychologists can't read people's minds or faces :D

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